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MyAccount terms and conditions for use

Your use of this website and MyAccount are governed by the following Terms and Conditions. These may change in the future. If they do, we’ll ensure that we tell you. 

By creating an account on MyAccount you acknowledge that you accept these Terms and Conditions.

MyAccount will place small pieces of text called cookies onto your computer, smartphone or tablet. These help MyAccount to work better so you can manage your account faster and more easily. Don’t worry, these don’t affect the operation of your device.

The next thing we need to tell you is that MyAccount doesn’t hold any financial or personal information about you that is not already held by Trafford Housing Trust as part of your tenancy agreement with us.

MyAccount will record certain information about your activities in the system for the purposes of improving the user experience. We don’t share this information with third parties unless technical troubleshooting is required and we have to consult with technical partners.

We will share your information with third parties including the Police and other law enforcement agencies, emergency services and lone working service providers to prevent or detect a crime, or where we believe the health & safety of an individual is at risk. We will share personal data with a Local Authority in relation to any fraud prevention/detection work they carry out.

Please see the Trafford Housing Trust Privacy statement for more information about how we collect and process data about you.

If you do not agree with these Terms and conditions, then please do not create or activate an Account.

If you already have an active Account but have decided you no longer want it, please  email to have your Account closed.